Sequence 2

Finding myself in a big sea, nowhere is everywhere. Looking around, slowly observing, adjusting my pace. The world disintegrates, I see light, shadow and movement. My head hurts. I forgot to answer 256 E-Mails, I couldn’t look anymore. My retina tries to compensate and produces an afterimage. Layers of pixelated type, cat videos and the new flashy car ad crush into a blur of painful nothingness.

I understand my own work as an extended form of photography. Through the concentration on one given point my work tries to create a state of meditation and preoccupation with oneself while the absence of sound sharpens senses and opens the mind. Impressed, benumbed and irritated from the daily information flood, I think we’re not used to idleness and standstill anymore, it’s irritating.

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© Oliver Schneider